Nice to meet you.

Designing, developing, and illustrating are a few of my favorite things. Luckily, it also makes me a pretty well rounded creative. You may hear me call myself "the three-in-one"—which is not only lame—but also a simple way of saying "Hey, I'm pretty rad at any design project." With all these traits, I can start and end a project with my keen conceptual and layout skills, as well as clean and semantic front end coding. So how about it? Let's make some pretty things!

At home, I'm a reserved little nerd who likes to judge Pokémon events, watch movies, drive around aimlessly, study Japanese, or smooch on my two cockatiels.

Judge this book by its cover.

I can say all the things I can do, but so little of it matters unless you can see the proof. I'm a designer, developer, and illustrator. Print, web, front end development, vector and digital illustration... Here's just a few of my favorite projects for you to see.

Print / Web / Branding

I have worked largely with small to mid-sized businesses on their print, web, and branding needs for the past several years. An important need for all of these businesses was good design done at a fair price—which includes the end result.

I specialize in web design as well. Websites, emails, social media, communities... A clean and simple user experience is the name of my game. As a developer, I also understand how a design is translated to code—including the cost and implementation procedure.

The history of me.

Experience speaks for a lot, and luckily I have seven years of it. What it says is that I'm flexible—having the capability to switch between roles in any given position with fluidity.

Go ahead and expand the below titles to see more details about the positions I've held.

Shannon Rose

Front End Developer / Saratoga Sprint, NY / Since March 2016

I work on custom Wordpress templates for clients in the construction, education, and healthcare sectors. Including that, I manage any edits or maintenance that is requested by clients as they pop up. I will be moving into a project management position in fourth quarter 2016.

New England Pokémon

Judge / New England Area / Since April 2013

As a Pokémon judge, it is my responsibility to assist the tournament organizer in running a fair and awesome event. This includes helping players and parents before the event starts and assessing questions and penalties during the rounds. I have worked all tiers of tournaments up to Nationals. I have head judged juniors and seniors during States and juniors during Regionals.

ACK! Designs

Owner / Anywhere / Since June 2007

I work as a freelancer to many different clients in many different industries. Tasks can include designing (web or print), developing (Wordpress or just front end), and illustration. Lately, I have been focusing primarily on designing collateral for the Pokémon community.

Technology Therapy

Front End Developer & Project Manager / North Providence, RI / March 2013 to March 2016

I create custom Wordpress themes based on designs provided by our designer. My main focus is on a theme framework, where we can have several different designs running off the same fundamental functions. The goal of these templates is to have quick setup and turn around for client websites. I also control project flow for fellow developers and designers, assuring that they reach project deadlines and budgets based on the quotes that I prepare.


Designer & Front End Developer / Warwick, RI / July 2012 to March 2013

I worked as both a graphic designer and front end developer here, splitting my time during the work day to fulfill a multitude of different tasks across both disciplines. The websites we developed were in Wordpress, so I was also tasked with creating the boilerplate template that was used as the skeleton for all themes we created. I was also designated with setting the internal marketing standard, and worked on postcards, brochures, advertisements, and booklets for the company's marketing use.


Front End Developer / Albany, NY / June 2011 to July 2012

During my stay here, I got to work on local and national clients--both small and large budgets. Most of my position required me to write front end code that would later be converted into a Wordpress. This meant working close with the designers to ensure their work was translated correctly, while also working with the back end developers to make sure my work was constructed correctly and efficiently for them to build on. I also worked on HTML emails, learned some SEO, did some web site designs for small budget clients, and met an array of incredibly talented individuals.


Designer & Front End Developer / Exeter, NH / November 2007 to May 2011

Much of the position was comprised of assisting small businesses with small budgets. Often times, I sat down with clients face-to-face to gather project details--many of which were in need of branding, posters, brochures, business cards, advertisements, etc. These tasks extended to writing front-end development for primarily static websites. Full color printing was available on-site with industrial printers, so I also handled printing and finishing print projects.

  • Design & Illustration
  • Sketching, Style Tiles, Wireframing, Mock-ups
  • Print and Web Design, Responsive Design
  • Branding, Typography, Layout, UI
  • Adobe Suite, Google Docs, Microsoft Word
  • Vector, digital, and traditional illustration
  • Development
  • HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery, Sass, PHP
  • Wordpress, Foundation, Compass
  • Git, Sublime Text, XAMPP
  • PM Softwares, Agile Workflows
  • Browser and Email Testing
  • Education
  • Chester College of New England BA in Graphic Design
  • English (Fluent) / Japanese (JLPT N5 Certified)